Day 1: From Home to Omaha, NE

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A year had passed since our first cross-country road trip but it seemed much longer. We spent the past year dreaming about what we had seen and done while cruising this beautiful country. Although we didn’t initially plan on taking a second road trip, we knew deep down there was no way we could live without it. So, on August 5, 2011 we left our home in Indianapolis, IN to set out for the wild west we’d been dreaming about all year.

Schooners restaurant in Peoria, IL is a local yocal kind of place. We found it the first trip by accident and decided to see if we could find it again. Sure enough, we did and we both decided it had to be a tradition.


We always try to get photos of the state lines when we cross. It’s tough to do sometimes, especially when you’re chugging along the interstate. Lucky for us, the Iowa Welcome Center is off the highway and has a lovely sign to snap photos with.

 Iowa Welcome Center

After driving for several hours we were excited to make it to Omaha, NE. We checked into a hotel near downtown and decided to see what the city had to offer.


We grabbed a quick dinner and checked out the bar scene in the Old Market District, which was a pretty fun pitstop.

Omaha Skyline Omaha Canal 

Lessons Learned:

  • Exploring the United States is an addiction we both don’t mind having.

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