Day 2: From Omaha, NE to Badlands National Park

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We had a lovely night out in the Omaha Old Market District. The bars were nothing special, but we found affordable and cold drinks…so we were happy! About halfway through our first road trip we realized that eating breakfast at a local diner was one of our favorite parts of traveling so we made it a daily routine. We woke in the morning ready for breakfast so we headed to The Diner for a couple of omelettes and some black coffee.



On our way back from the bars we noticed a giant slide in a public park that blew our minds. Park hours were over, but we knew we had to try it out. So after breakfast we made our way back to the park to release our inner children. We were not disappointed!


After taking in a few more sights in Omaha, we made our way westward toward the Badlands National Park. Along the way we made a pitstop at the Holy Family Shrine in Gretna, NE. This place is pretty amazing and worth the extra few miles down a gravel road. The landscaping was lovely and the structure was an architectural treat!


shrine usatshrine

FYI…Nebraska is a long and beautiful drive. See for yourself.

Along the road we  always get excited about crossing a state line. It’s not often that we get a chance to stop and hover on both sides of the line though! Take a close look to see Christy’s magic trick – making her legs disappear!

NESD statelines

It wasn’t long before we made it to the Badlands National Park. Although we had been here before, it somehow seemed completely new again. The sights you see within the first 5 minutes of entering the park are indescribable. Pictures don’t do it much justice, but we’ll try.


badlands2 badlands

We had a blast hiking the Windows Trail and the Notch Trail. The views were stunning during every second of the hike.


Badlands Hiking

After an awe-inspiring sunset in the park, we hunkered down at the Badlands KOA for the night in an oversized campsite. We had a couple cold beers, some fire-roasted stuffed peppers, and experienced the magic of the Badlands.

badlandssunset2 badlandssunset

campsite dinner


  1. Glad you enjoyed Omaha. Just a quick correction, the Holy Family Shrine is on Pflug Road but the name of the town is Gretna, Nebraska

    1. Hey Luke! Thanks for the comment. I’ll update the post with the correct information.

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