Mountains and Swiss Alpine Cows: My Hike from Gimmelwald to Schilthorn

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Panoramic views of the snow-capped alps. Distant clanging of bells on the Swiss Alpine cows. Trails laced with wildflowers that trace in and out of tiny farming towns. If you like these things, please continue reading. If not, what is wrong with you!?

My hike from Gimmelwald to Schiltorn allowed me to experience all of the above and much more. 

I recently visited Switzerland with my wife and good friend Erin. We stayed at the Hotel Pension Gimmelwald because Rick Steves’ said we should. When Rick recommends something, you do it. No questions asked. I’ll tell you all about how quaint and relaxing the town of Gimmelwald and the hotel itself are at another time. Today it’s all about the hike up the mountain to Schiltorn. I could talk about the hike and try to convince you that you should do it yourself. Or…I could just show you pictures and and you’ll realize right away that you need to do it!



Gimmelwald to Schilthorn Hike

Audiobooks and Hiking

Listening to a Stephen King book and hiking…now that’s living!

Swiss Alp Hike

Almost to Schilthorn

You could take the gondola, but that’s no fun!

View from the top

More photos of the hike from Gimmewald to Schilthorn:

Just a few things about the hike that you may not have picked up on from the photos. It’s fairly strenuous. It took me approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the top from Gimmelwald and I was hauling ass. At a normal pace you could easily take 2 or even 3 hours to reach the top. Much of the trail is loose gravel, which is very tricky especially on the way down. Be careful! There’s a restaurant in Allmendhubel, which you’ll pass at some point. Stop there, consume beer and cheese, and you’ll forget about your aching legs!

Anyone else had the opportunity to hike to Schilthorn? What was your experience like?


  1. Hey man ty for the comment, I will be visiting and staying itleast one night in gimmelwald as recommended by others and am definitely thinking about doing this hike (hike would be awesome and would save money from cable cars). how long did it take you for the return trip?

    1. Author

      I was meeting friends back down the mountain in Allmendhubel so I pretty much jogged back down. I think it was probably 30-45 minutes or so but I don’t remember for sure. You’re going to love it. It’s an awesome hike!

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