Day 15: Back Home in Indianapolis

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Day 15 was more like an extension of day 14. Day turned to night and the empty roads were ours alone. With our eyes (half-opened) on the finish line, we marched on toward Indianapolis.

Mark spotted the Gateway Arch in St. Louis (Christy slept through it and just about everything else). The arch is something Christy was looking forward to, but Mark didn’t have the heart to wake her up.

After 1,086 miles straight through, we arrived to our home-sweet-home in Indianapolis, IN around 6AM.


After unloading the car, there was only one thing left to do. SLEEP!!! We slept for a couple hours and then headed to the Greater Cincinnati Area to pick up our dog Tula from Christy’s parents house. With Tula in tow we drove back to Indianapolis, IN and crashed again. So sleepy…



  • It is possible to drive from Denver to Indianapolis straight through (that’s 16 hours through 2 time changes, folks!)

  • Theory confirmed: America is AMAZING!

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