Day 12: From Las Vegas, NV to Bluff, UT

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You may notice that we don’t have many photos from our night in Las Vegas. That’s no accident…what happens there stays there and we all know to abide by that rule.

Vegas Sign - Mark

We woke to a comfy Airstream trailer and headed out on the open road for a long day of driving. Our first major stop was Petrified National Forest and it was a long way away from Las Vegas!

Thunderstorms are unique out west because they are extremely isolated. Many times you can spot them off in the distance like this one. So cool to see!


After several hours on the road we made it to Petrified National Forest to see if this place really ROCKs as much as we’ve heard.

PNF sign - Christy

This park may be small, but it packs a punch. We both loved seeing the red and orange petrified trees scattered throughout the park. The big blue skies and cottony clouds didn’t hurt either.

Petrified logs Petrified National Forest Petrified wood Walking Petrified National Forest

Certain parts of the park have a badlands feel, which is something we both loved. The Badlands is a favorite of ours so anytime we see something similar we get a little giddy.

Petrified badlands feel badlands feel

So giddy, in fact, Mark fell off a ledge and almost plummeted to his death.

Mark falls at Petrified

It had been a few days, so we decided to take our mandatory jump photos. Mark got some pretty sweet air!

jump christy jump mark

Did we mention the clouds because seriously…fluff city.

clouds clouds

Our plan was to stay at the Best Western in Page, AZ but that plan changed almost immediately after pulling into the parking lot. It was a little more shabby than we like and the town wasn’t the most friendly of folk (actually the ones we spoke to were downright scary). So, we mosied on toward a little town called Bluff, UT where we found the Recapture Lodge. For less than 100 bucks they put us up in a comfy and tidy room. They even have an outdoor pool tucked away in the Utah brush, which is the perfect spot to admire the vast Utah evening sky. On the way to Bluff, we caught some incredible landscape on the Navajo reservation. This was new territory for us and we’d love to come back and explore it further at a later time.

Navajo Navajo Navajo Navajo


Entering Utah

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