Day 4: From Sheridan, WY to Yellowstone National Park

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We spent the night in our cozy digs in Sheridan, WY dreaming of bears because we just KNEW we were going to find some when we made it to Yellowstone National Park. Mark’s life purpose was (and still is) to see and befriend a grizzly bear. What we didn’t know was that the drive this day would be something dreams are made of. Look out geyser land, here we come!

driving wyoming

A few hours into the drive and we were pleasantly surprised to cross through the Bighorn National Forest. Beauty abounded here and we took it all in.

Bighorn forest

Bighorn forest mark

Later that day we entered Yellowstone National Park via HWY 14 through the Shoshone National Forest.

Shoshone National Forest - Holy City Rock formation final

Yellowstone National Park

We drank in a quick view of Yellowstone Lake before heading up to Canyon Village to check into our frontier cabin. Here we spotted our first whitetail deer and a territorial elk. We didn’t know for sure but we thought the ransacked trailer had grizzly bear written all over it. Sadly, we never spotted the perpetrator.

Yellowstone Elk

Our first hike in the park was to the Upper and Lower Falls to witness the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The waterfall sang sweetly and we listened closely!

Yellowstone Grand Canyon

We continued our drive north to Mt Washburn, Tower Falls, and then to Petrified Tree, which all provided short hikes. Short hikes were ideal because it was raining pretty steadily that day.

Mt Washburn

We did a little off-roading and took a drive down Blacktail Plateau Road where we spotted our first black bear. Mark almost lost it! We call him Bradley and we love him with paws outstretched. We still think about him and often wonder what our furry friend is up to these days.

Yellowstone black bear

Later that evening we returned to our cozy cabin and cooked up a mountain dinner.

Yellowstone cabins


  • No matter the amount of preparation, there are always surprise sights and scenery along your route.

  • It gets COLD in Yellowstone at night! Don’t forget to turn on the heat in your cabin or you’ll be quite chilled in the morning (learned this lesson the hard way!)


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  2. Will be visiting Sheridan in May. Was casually searching “Things to do…” and also searched: “travel from Sheridan to Yellowstone” and your blog popped up! I enjoyed the beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Glad you saw a bear!

    1. Author

      Awesome, Staci! It’s going to be a fun trip (especially if you see a bear). Thanks for reading!

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